Now available from the Chrome Web Store for the Nuxeo Platform 8.2, the Nuxeo Chrome Dev Tools extension aims at providing Nuxeo developers and administrators with a few time-saving shortcuts. Some of the most commonly performed actions on the Nuxeo Platform will now be at your fingertips!

The Nuxeo Chrome Dev Tools Extension

The extension works with any Nuxeo instance you currently have open on your active Chrome tab. Let’s take a quick look at the features.


Instead of navigating to the Update Center each time, you can now perform a Hot Reload or open a Nuxeo Studio tab directly from the extension’s popup. You can also access the Automation Documentation page and restart the server.

To help with debugging Automation Chains, call tracing can easily be enabled or disabled using the toggle.

Features of the Nuxeo Chrome Dev Tools extension

The Export JSON tool allows you to search for any Nuxeo document by entering its path, GUID or filename, and opens the JSON in a separate tab. If you happen to be navigating on a document in your current active tab, the Export current document JSON link will appear automatically and you can view your document properties and ACLs with one click.

JSON search

JSON Export

Coming Up Next

This is only the beginning! We have a few more tricks up our sleeves for future releases of the Nuxeo Chrome Dev Tools extension.

First, we’ll take the Automation Traces a bit further and include a Display Traces feature. We’ll add another toggle to activate/deactivate the UI Development mode. There will also be an easy access to server logs and the list of deployed bundles in the platform.

Most importantly, we hope to develop the extension to manage multiple servers and Studio projects at once and perform all of these actions no matter where you’re navigating in your browser.

We hope you enjoy using the extension and stay tuned for new features!