Read a couple of fun and concise blog posts over the weekend from open source consultant/Linux guru Robert P.J. Day at CrashCourse.  Getting Nuxeo DAM 1.1 up and running on Ubuntu 10.04 - in 60 Seconds!

One of the items I didn't blog about during our Nuxeo DAM 1.1 launch last week was the availability of new appliances that are specifically made for rapid ramp up on virtualization platforms such as VMware, VirtualBox, and others. Nuxeo DAM (as well as Nuxeo DM) now include download options in both OVF and VMX formats.  Built on Ubuntu 10.04, these pre-configured virtual images are fully loaded with everything needed to kick start a Nuxeo DAM or DM environment (Ubuntu OS, PostgreSQL, OpenOffice, JBoss, etc). The CrashCourse blog outlines some tips for getting the Oracle VirtualBox environment downloaded and installed, ready for the Nuxeo appliance.

So if you have a minute to invest (literally...) to get moving on a content management project with one of the most technologically advanced ECM platforms in the market today, take a look at the new Ubuntu-based Nuxeo appliances.  Time is money. Get started now.