We hear a lot about the need for organizations to be more agile today. The ability to adapt quickly to changing business, political, or financial environments - or even to respond to changing requirements from a customer or supplier - is becoming a critical capability for all enterprises.

But as a corporate entity how can you actually do that? And what infrastructure and tools can help you do that quickly, and with the minimum amount of disruption.

With the release of LTS 2019, the Nuxeo Platform addresses these issues head on. Our innovative and visionary Content Services Platform (CSP) has long been leading the charge for usability, connectivity, and scalability when it comes to enabling organizations to not just manage their content and data - but to get real business value from it.

And with LTS 2019, we’re delivering a new set of capabilities that can truly enable an enterprise to be flexible, adaptive, and agile to whatever comes its way. This updated toolset focuses on three core areas of enhancement:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Usability
  • Scalability & Connectivity

A Strengthened AI Framework

AI is one of the most talked about technologies on the planet, and LTS 2019 provides enterprises with all the tools they need to easily build and deploy AI models on their own data. Not only can this help automate existing manual tasks and replace them with faster, more accurate versions of themselves, but it can also begin laying the foundations for even more wholescale and compelling uses of AI - and there is nothing that screams agility more than an enterprise harnessing the full power of artificial intelligence.

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Nuxeo LTS 2019 Puts the User First

LTS 2019 also delivers significant usability improvements via the platform. These range from additional mobile capabilities, enhancements to file sync and share options via Nuxeo Drive, and simplified content comparison tools, to streamlined content publishing via connected content management systems. Fostering user adoption and engagement are both core requirements for agility, and the collective improvements in LTS 2019 make it easier for users to work with their content and data, however and wherever they want.

Microsoft Office 365

And continuing the theme of allowing users to work how they want to, this has never been easier with updated connectors to Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 - allowing users to seamlessly work with content in their favourite productivity applications, while still using Nuxeo to manage, store and secure their content and data.

Scalability and Connectivity

Because we’re not satisfied with being recognized as the most performant and scalable CSP on the market, LTS 2019 delivers numerous capabilities for handling bulk operations such as deletes, updates and edits - a critical capability for enterprises storing millions if not billions of items. You’re not going to be very agile if you have to wait hours for a bulk update to happen on your data - with LTS 2019, you’ll never have that issue.

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No individual or enterprise can plan for all of the possible things that can occur, but having the flexibility to adapt to those changes when required is key. By having tools that allow you to make those changes, without causing massive disruption to the operation and security of the business, you create an environment and culture for agility, and in turn, position yourself for a competitive advantage. But to start the journey towards corporate agility, you need to take the first step, which is to have the right tools (like Nuxeo LTS 2019) in place.