You choose. Once a year, one event opens the door to the Nuxeo community like no other. Nuxeo World 2012 is there for you, but how you take in the conference is completely up to you. Different tracks, different talks, and plenty of opportunities to network with the other attendees at the many functions, or just in hallways and at breaks. The point is: while social networking and video talks are great, nothing can replace the access and focus that Nuxeo World offers. So come on out. You want reasons why Nuxeo World 2012 is a must? Let us count the ways.

10 - Workshops. Workshops. Workshops.
Friday is workshop day! Roll up your sleeves, and learn about the nuts and bolts of building a business or web application from the experts.

9 - The Nuxeo Platform Roadmap.
Be the first in the community to get an update on the Nuxeo Roadmap, live and direct, from the people responsible for making it happen. The roadmap is a window into the future of the Nuxeo platform. Pose a question or raise an issue. Who knows. You may have your chance to add your own spin on the trajectory that the platform takes in the years to come.

8 - Network with your peers. How often is dinner party conversation this relevant to what you do? You’ll have the chance to talk shop with other Nuxeo clients, partners, and community members who are trying to solve the same technology problems that you have. You might not even notice you’re getting things done.

7 - Meet our partners. Need help with your project? Would you like to get a business card from a Nuxeo Systems Integrator in case your project is in the weeds sometime down the road? Nuxeo partner Sword will even be presenting project case studies showing how they use the Nuxeo Platform.

Nuxeo World6 - Meet Nuxeo’s community advisor Laurent Doguin. One good face-to-face meeting is worth a thousand emails. (Isn’t that how the saying goes?) Laurent is the man behind the Friday Q&A blog, the champion of community contributors, the host of the Nuxeo Dev Sprints, and an all-around good guy.

5 - You might win an iPhone 5. Drop your card in the bowl when you arrive. One lucky winner will score the latest and greatest from Apple. Remember - you can’t win if you don’t play!

4 - Hear from our customers and contributors. What’s even better than Nuxeo telling you about the Nuxeo Platform? Nuxeo customers telling how they use the platform. Just to drop a few names - project leaders from Leroy Merlin, Vif, DILA, and the Academie de Rennes will be on stage, sharing stories about their Nuxeo projects. And, you never know, there may be some surprise visitors from the other side of the pond.

3 - Hear from this guy. Brendan is Irish, and he always has a good joke. He’ll be talking about the power of building applications with a content management platform, and he knows a few things about the subject. He’s been working with enterprise software for more than 20 years.

Nuxeo World 2012

2 - Paris. The City of Light really shines in the fall. Good wine + good food = good times. You can have all this in Paris like nowhere else. Come join us in what will surely be an unforgettable setting for a meeting of the minds.

Da da da dum da dum ....and the number one reason to attend Nuxeo World 2012?

1 - Free t-shirt. We can’t show you the design -- it’s top secret -- but it was designed by the guy who brought you the Content Management Comic.

Don’t miss Nuxeo World 2012 in Paris October 25-26. Geekgasm guaranteed. Register today.