April showers bring … cloud-based file storage. And flowers. We recently announced the availability of an Amazon S3 Online Storage option for Nuxeo platform-based applications Nuxeo DM (Open Source Document Management), Nuxeo DAM (Open Source Digital Asset Management), and Nuxeo CMF (Open Source Case Management Framework). So, what does this mean for Joe the Content Application Architect?

Elastic Storage Provisioning. Really.

On The Cloud At the risk of stating the obvious, cloud-based anything enables elastic provisioning. Right? Joe the Architect’s application is a big hit with the users, and has become the document storage center of the organization. The content storage needs have grown faster than he imagined. Does Joe need to plan, provision, and launch a new project to manage the situation? No no no. Flip a switch and put that content on the cloud. Joe the Rock Star.

Really, it comes down to the flexibility to do what you need to do with your content application. Flexibility comes in many forms, and file storage on the cloud is the latest of many innovative forms of flexibility of Nuxeo EP, the content management platform. The Nuxeo ECM platform is modular and componentized, and this means unparalleled flexibility for those who are building content management applications from the ground up.

The Amazon S3 Online Storage package is another optional component of the platform enabling management of uploaded content files on Amazon S3, transparently. Since the uploaded files create the lion’s share of storage needs on the server, this provides a pragmatic solution for managing storage requirements in a cost-efficient way. Even better, server space provisioning is elastic on Amazon S3 - you only pay for what you use. This could be not only practical, but also represent big cost savings as your application expands and grows over time.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Grab your wellies, Joe. It’s gonna pour cloud-based components!

Nuxeo is one of a select group of forward-thinking solution providers in CompatibleOne, “a research project publicly funded by French institutions to provide open source cloudware for the creation, deployment and management of private, public or hybrid cloud platforms.” As part of this project, Nuxeo plans to move forward with vendor-agnostic cloud-ready components, and more specifically:

  • Adapt the core of the Nuxeo repository (or its upcoming incarnation, Eclipse ECR) to fully leverage a cloud-ready OSGi application server, so as to be able to distribute the core Nuxeo services on a cloud “fabric”, enabling auto-scaling of the applications based on Nuxeo.

  • Allow redundancy (including, for the most demanding SLAs, multi-cloud redundancy), so as to provide the best possible uptimes for critical business applications.

  • Allow mobile and disconnected access to your content on the Cloud.

  • Provide “CMIS as a service,” in other words, allowing developers to create content-centric applications on top of a multi-tenant cloud content repository and to focus on the business-specific part of their applications, not the generic content services.

  • Provide these same developers with the tools to develop, deploy, manage and invoice their customers for their business applications directly on the cloud.

A fully cloud-ready content management platform is more than pie in the sky. Joe the Architect knows...