CPSBayes is a naive bayesian
, that uses the same kind of algorithms than software like SpamAssassin. Its main use case
is to categorize incoming mails in CPSCourier, a
complete solution for mail and notes managment.

The tool stores data in the ZODB or in any kind of SQL Database, using
SQLObject connector.

Categorization can apply to a lot of other use cases as well, and I have
coded a small product called CPSBayesExample that shows how simple it is to
set and use CPSBayes over a portal.

The product provides a textarea where you can type some text, and show some pictures and categories that are guessed by CPSBayes, with the text. The page is dynamically updated through Ajax, with a simple keystroke.

The categories can be trained as well so you can make it learn new

This simple demo shows how CPSBayes could be used to do automatic metadata filling with a very few lines of code.

To get it, checkout the code from our subversion:

# svn co https://svn.nuxeo.org/pub/CPS3/examples/CPSBayesExample/trunk CPSBayesExample

And read the README.txt file


(Post originally written by Tarek Ziadé on the old Nuxeo blogs.)