Double your pleasure, Double your fun

This has been a busy week on the book front and general purpose Nuxeo
chicanery. I've got a number of things cooking right now so that I can
show off features of the platform. Both of these features are of the
"should be available to the public soon" type, so I've had to actually
garner time from the developers to get them to give me demos and let me
capture screenshots. I hope both of those posts are available tomorrow. I
have the text of one written and the other should not be a major

I've completed two more chapters, one fairly short one about XMap and Apache
Commons Logging
. I think it's only fair to admit that I really dislike
Apache Commons Logging beacuse it gives people the distinct idea that
writing more logging frameworks is ok. I can't believe the Apache
Foundation green-lighted a meta-framework for logging when they already
had log4j. Oh well. The other part of the short chapter is about the XML
un-pickling code we use, which is packaged up into the library XMap. We
use this all over the place in nuxeo to read in snippets of XML and turn
it into Java objects.

The more meaty chapter is about Users and
. I got a lot of help, particularly on understanding directories
and the test infrastructure needed for UserManager, from Anahide T. Big
props to her! In this lesson, we construct a new class that interacts with
the UserManager to create a new Group. Although it doesn't do that much,
there is quite a bit to working with the UserManager service because of
the wide variety of situations in which Nuxeo can be deployed. We have to
work with flat text files, databases of user records of all sorts, and
LDAP to be good enterprise citizens. I think that folks that read this
chapter will come away realizing, more than anything, that messing around
with users and groups in a big organization is serious business!

As always, the whole text can be found at /static/book-draft.