Nuxeo UI Style Guide for 5.8 Nuxeo UI Style Guide for 5.8

The new UI Style Guide for the Nuxeo Platform 5.8 is fresh and released!

This guide is an online demo to help you developers and designers learn how to design your platform interface.

We published a post for the first version explaining what’s inside and why you should follow it. A second post explained why a style guide is important for developers as well for designers when building a product.

What's New in the Guide?

There are a few changes, including:

  • Tables: New options are available to design your tables and move from a simple listing to beautiful data organization.

  • Messages: Feedback messages are fully reviewed, status messages have been updated and new classes are available to highlight elements in your content.

  • Buttons: The classes are more accurate to adjust your buttons and lead the user to the logical action.

  • Navigation: The styles of tabs, modular tabs, subtabs and breadcrumbs are now more complete to improve the navigation experience.

  • Boxes: New styles are availables to improve the widgets, layouts and tab content display: grayBoxes, simpleBoxes and .textBlock.

Consistency, Maintainability, Compatibility, Yes!

This guide's role is to improve consistency in UI patterns and usability in your interface for the key users of your product. But as we know, behind every product there are developers with their concerns, so the guide's role is also to be a shield for maintainability and compatibility.

The great news is that even if styles have evolved to be sleeker, more robust and complete, we garantee you that no styles will be broken during your upgrade from the previous version to the new Nuxeo Platform 5.8.

That is the bonus effect. You feel more relaxed now, right?