Despite the events dominating our lives during this year, the first six months of 2020 have quickly flown by for the Nuxeo Product team. We were lucky enough to continue work as usual and maintain our innovation rate with new updates on the Nuxeo Platform. So before the summer ends, I wanted to take some time to recap the significant enhancements we have already achieved in 2020.

Low Code ML Model Management

The AI team has recently finished an iteration with an ambitious goal: publish a new, low-code version of its Nuxeo Insight web interface.

Nuxeo Insight is our cloud service offering that gives you the ability to train, without coding, custom Machine Learning models for media- and text-based content classification. If you want to know more about it, please read our latest post about that topic and contact us for giving a try!

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New Retention Management Addon

We also just released the first version of the Retention Management add-on, which helps large organizations – especially in regulated industries – which have to keep employee- or customer-related communications, contracts, and other documents for defined periods, depending on government and industry requirements – or the nature of the document. The Retention Management add-on guarantees the immutability of the documents with low-level enforcement of the record nature and manages the deletion of the record following retention rules.

While many record management solutions exist today, the Nuxeo Retention Management add-on distinguishes itself as it is just an add-on on top of the platform: you can have a fully integrated strategy with the Nuxeo Platform for managing your content lifecycle. The add-on provides an interface to create rules, the engine to manage the state of each record, and the ability to customize actions once the retention period has expired, such as deleting the document, moving it into another archive repository, or just storing the file on a low-cost storage solution, like Glacier. The Retention Management add-on also supports legal hold use cases. This addon has been certified SEC-17a-4 when backed by S3 storage in Amazon Web Services.

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Better Content Upload with Direct Transfer

I’m excited to introduce a new feature for Nuxeo Drive: Direct Transfer. Uploading very large amounts of content can be painful when you only go through the web interface, and our customers has a lot of heavy content to upload – including high-resolution photos and video, especially in the media, fashion, or apparel industries.

To address these challenges, we are introducing a new module within Nuxeo Drive fully dedicated to improving the content transfer experience, both uploading and downloading. We will unleash the capabilities progressively through Nuxeo Drive monthly releases through the end of the year. The first milestone of this new project is part of the next release, to be public before mid-July (first in the Beta channel, followed by our GA release)! Our initial goal is to provide a way to successfully upload very large files (e.g., greater than 10 gigabytes) and content libraries that consist of many thousands of files. You can select your content, choose where to upload, click on send, and voila!

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Improved Upload Form in Web UI

We have identified that will improve the user experience when using the Web UI upload form.

Some of the changes that you’ll notice in the most recent release include the ability to cancel specific files within a set of files that is taking too long, improved error feedback, granular review within a batch, metadata edit mode, and a more informative progress bar when completing metadata. Everything has been done so that your upload is more efficient.

Optimized Transfers

The Nuxeo Enhanced Viewer can now fetch appropriate renditions from Nuxeo instead of the full-resolution content, lowering the time to render content on the screen. The system is configurable, as usual, so that you can specify which rendition is presented based on the object’s nature and size.

Audit Improvements

We delivered some small improvements to the document audit trail, on LTS 2019 HF29. The audit trail is used to fully document a document’s history. All events now display the exact time. We have also added on the document history tab the ability to filter depending on the event. For instance, if you are interested in the history of updates to a document, you can filter all the download entries to simplify the display.

Smarter Form Configuration in Nuxeo Studio

We keep improving the visual configuration of forms and tabs for Web UI. The latest improvement facilitates the configuration of the form by offering the relevant widgets for a given document attribute, sorted by the use case (view, edit). Another recent addition, the layout blocks, allows re-usable configuration within the view designer. Developers can configure user interface elements that can be reused in different forms and views, improving configuration maintenance and accelerating development.

I hope this quick update has been helpful. We still have plenty of exciting enhancements planned in our roadmap, so let’s find time to talk in September so that we can share everything we did during summer. Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy the end of summertime!

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