During our Sprint organized at Nuxeo last February, one of the topics we worked on was to create a space within Nuxeo applications where all user related information would be available, now known as: the User Home.

The final goal of the User Home is to centralize the user, giving them access to functions related to their personal settings, such as:

  • dashboard

  • profile

  • settings

  • notifications

  • authorized applications

Current status

Since the Sprint, we continued to work on this feature, and we're happy to report that it is now available in the current development, and will be part of the next release, Nuxeo DM 5.4.2, as well.


The user dashboard is the first entry point to the user home. There are two dashboards depending on whether you are using Nuxeo CAP or Nuxeo DM.

On Nuxeo CAP, there is a simple JSF dashboard:

Jsf dashboard

On Nuxeo DM, we have a dashboard based on the OpenSocial specification:

Opensocial dashboard

As it follow the OpenSocial specification, you can also add external gadgets (gadgets that are not contributed inside Nuxeo) in your Dashboard.
Those gadgets should be registered in your Nuxeo instance through the Admin Center.


A user can access their profile, and do some modifications to it, directly from the User Home.


The current profile will be enriched in the coming months with more information, more preferences and so on. Follow us on this blog and we'll be sure to keep you posted!


The list of all notifications a user, or one of its groups, have subscribed to in Nuxeo is displayed here.


Authorized Applications

Here we list all the applications you have given authorization to access your Nuxeo account through OAuth authentication, with the ability to revoke their access.

Authorized applications

If you are interested in what we did during this Sprint, you can also have a look at the <a href="/blog/android-client-for-nuxeo-dm"">Android Client for Nuxeo DM.