Friday and today was finally the days when an official release of the
calendar was done after the refactorings I have been doing since december.
There are some big internal changes:

New i18n support

The translation is now done with the Zope3/Five i18n support that comes with
Zope 2.9. This means that it no longer requires Localizer, which makes it
much easier to use the calendar outside of CPS. In fact, you now have a full
i18n support in pure Zope!

Using local utilities instead of portal tools

Also in Zope 2.9 is the support for local utilities. This is the Zope3
replacement for portal tools. This means that you no longer depend on the
name of the utility, but you depend on what interface it provides. This too
makes it neater to use the calendar outside of the CMF framework. Most of
all this provides cleaner code internally, and is another step towards
having the same code for Zope2 and Zope3 (although there is still some way
to go).

Improved installation support.

CPSSharedCalendar now uses GenericSetup to do installations and upgrades.
GenericSetup is still somewhat immature, but it already is a great
improvement on the programmatic installers we used before.

CalZope doesn't use GenericSetup yet, amongst other things becuase there is
no generic support for installing local utilities, and the support I wrote
in CPSSharedCalendar is temporary pending a refactoring of local utilities
that Philikon and J1m is working on. However, CalZope does now provide an
install script, so installation is easier. CalZope is only a base for you to
integrate into your Zope site (as we have done with CSSharedCalendar) but
this installation script will at least kick-start you. ;)

Calendar publishing

In CPS you can now publish calendars into sections, thereby having public
access to reading workspace calendars.


There has been some chaneg in the packaging. Officially there are now three

CalCore-bunde, for use outside Zope, CalZope-bundle for use in Zope2 but
without CPS, and CPSGroupware for use in CPS. The CPSGroupware bundle
includes all you need for the calendar and the equally Five-based
CPSMailAccess, our new webmail client.

You can find all of them here:

The future

The calendar modules continue to live on the bleeding edge of Zope2/Zope3
integration, and I hope to have the time to continue to keep it there right
up to the time where we can use the same code to run under both Zope2 and
Zope3. It's getting nearer.

I also hope to work on a CMF/Plone version. We'll see more on that

(Post originally written by Lennart Regebro on the old Nuxeo blogs.)