Webinar: Virtual Navigation Structures

Browsing the Nuxeo Platform content repository can be done a few ways - follow the navigation tree, use a tag cloud or dashboard, or perform a simple faceted or advanced search. These are all straightforward approaches, but there’s also another one - design and implement your own virtual navigation structure using Nuxeo Studio.

What is a virtual navigation structure? It is a way to bring together multiple documents in a single location for a user to act on, without physically moving the document from its original location in the repository. So you can have one content structure, but use virtual navigation structures to display the content in different ways.

Consider that different users have different needs and browsing habits, and many end up spending a lot of time searching the repository to find the content they need. Creating a virtual navigation structure allows a user to quickly pull together the content they need, giving them more time to get their work done.

Want to learn how to create your own virtual structures in the Nuxeo Platform? Spend an hour on April 17th with Nuxeo training instructor, Bertrand Chauvin, for an online demo and Q&A on how to build virtual navigation structures in your own application.

During the live webinar, you are going to learn how to:

  • Disable the default “by coverage” and “by subject” navigation options,
  • Add new virtual navigation structures,
  • Display customized document listings,
  • Create content view filters,
  • Use smart folders to allow users to create a dynamic structure, and
  • Use workflows to grant temporary access.

If you are looking for a specific way to browse your content repository, virtual navigation structures are a great approach.

To get warmed up, you can download the Nuxeo Platform and register for a free 30-day trial of Nuxeo Studio.

See you there!