Nuxeo Communications Director for the last 2 years, Anne de Forsan, this week revealed her 'secret project'.  StoriesOut is a communication services firm helping both startup and established tech companies get their message out to their target markets... PR and Press Management, Communication Strategies, Communication Coaching. 

While the Nuxeo team in Paris and Boston will miss Anne on a day to day basis, we're also really pleased to be her first customer.
She'll continue representing the Nuxeo name in Europe, working with us on PR and tech media opportunities. 

In the nearly 6 months I've known Anne, I've come to appreciate her sense of humour, vibrant personality and passion for her work.  If you've followed her on twitter @adeforsan you know that she spends her Saturdays with Parisian tech start ups, coaching founders on their message, how to deliver a public pitch, videoing their messages to get their stories out. 

Stories Out - great name. That's what we marketers have to do in the world of IT. Without the message, the story, the purpose finding its audience, the best code in the world can go unused and unnoticed.
Good Luck Anne! (and talk to you on Monday...)