Blogging today in honour of the 2nd official "Ada Lovelace Day",  celebrating women's contribution in technology, and named after one of the first computer programmers - yes, a woman.

Women occupy senior and influential roles in all areas of tech - large and small companies alike.  But there is still so very far to go.  There are massive glass ceilings still out there. My bumps have since healed though...

I want to recognize some of the mentors, role models and peers who've taught me important lessons along the way.

And hope that others will add to the comments on this post and name the women in their career or education who've shaped their path in content management.  

Women who've achieved success or influence need to step up and be vocal. Be a mentor, be a coach, speak out on behalf of your company and product. But also be a shoulder, an ear, a peer/friend who can get that irate call after hours and listen to another committed female professional vent about the still male-dominated space we love.  

Look around you - guys too -  and thank a woman who's helped you in your ECM career.

The mentors:

  • Lynn Kauffman - former executive with PC DOCS. Extremely savvy business woman who never forgot she was female and taught me to not worry if the shoes heels were too high or the skirt too short. It was all about doing the homework and knowing your stuff.

  • Margaret Dobbin - thoughtful, personable AR Director for Open Text. Her voice is always in my head and she gave me amazing guidance and confidence over the years.

  • Nancy Mancini - principal at MarCom Blueprints - the voice of common sense, my branding and product marketing coach, my friend. 

The role models - trail blazers

  • Galina Datskovsky - RM visionary, founder MDY, SVP @ CA

  • Whitney Tidmarsh - CMO @ EMC  

  • Conni Christensen - Founder, Synercon Technologies 

  • Janice Anderson - CEO, Access Sciences 

  • Ursula Burns - CEO, Xerox 

  • Safra Catz - co-President, Oracle 

  • Ann Livermore - EVP, HP 

The influencers - women who make me think & read & want to write more

  • Sandy Kemsley - BPM/ECM consultant/analyst www.column2.com

  • Debra Logan - Gartner

  • Carol Rozwell - Gartner

  • Karen Shegda - Gartner

  • Connie Moore - Forrester

  • Kathleen Reidy - 451 Group

  • Theresa Regli - The Real Story Group (formerly CMSWatch) 

  • Irina Guseva - CMSWire

  • Susan Scrupski - E 2.0 Adoption Council / SoCo Partners

  • Judith Lamont - KMWorld 

The standards queens - tireless champions of the importance of standards in ECM

  • Betsy Fanning - AIIM

  • Jana Gallatin - JITC/DoD 5015.2 for Records Management  

The soul sisters - a few former colleagues / association peers still in ECM who make me smile

  • Debra Power - ECM Empress / Consultant

  • Michele Kersey - IBM

  • Kristi Perdue - CA

  • Lani Jacobs - PC DOCS/Hummingbird/Open Text

  • Kim Edwards - Open Text

  • Jessica Butler - Bottom Line Technologies

  • Julie Colgan - CRM, ARMA maven

  • Mimi Dionne - CRM, ARMA maven/CMSWire

  • Martha Cox - Citrix Online

  • Elizabeth Caley - Entrepreneur/Frayman Group

  • Elise Segar - Lucre Systems 

  • Tracy Caughell - Open Text 

  • Autumn Tysko - HP 

  • Shirin Leclere - Guru of document management

  • Kirstin Walker - NetDocuments 

  • Marci Maddox - Open Text Web Solutions

  • Karuana Gatimu - Sharepoint practitioner / AIIM 

Thanks to all of the women who make ECM a great place to be in tech... while I can't name everyone - hope each of the readers of this post will think about recognizing someone today.