We've been really busy in 2010 with product launches and updates - not only for the flagship Nuxeo EP and DM, but Nuxeo DAM 1.0/1.1 and Cloud Edition... Case Management Framework, Correspondence Management, metaLogic's Lotus IMT for Nuxeo ECM... Nuxeo Studio... and most recently our preview of the Nuxeo Marketplace and Admin Centre. Not bad considering it's only August!

We're pleased to announce that additional sessions have been added to the Nuxeo World 2010 roster. New sessions for developers, partners, system administrators, and information management professionals with either a business or technical interest.

Cool new sessions include:

Nuxeo Studio - Hands-on Workshop: We've had a few people tell us that Nuxeo Studio is the secret sauce to their ECM success. Since we launched it early in 2010, this has been one of the hottest topics for our customers and partners. See it live and help workshop some content application development scenarios.

Nuxeo RM - What's New? Many of you know we're actively working to enhance our current content lifecycle feature set to better meet international RM standards and the needs of enterprise customers with strict content management retention and disposal requirements. This session will be one of the first opportunities to see what we're currently working on.

Building Packages for the Nuxeo Marketplace: In preview mode today, we've asked our customer and partner community to test drive our new (and according to some of the industry pundits... unique in ECM) online solution exchange site. Share your work, find new markets, even generate new sources of revenue... the Marketplace is evolving to be the hub for creative and useful Nuxeo solution templates and plug-ins. This session will teach you how to use the new packaging system successfully.

Becoming a Contributor: How to Get Started: Nuxeo is a social marketplace in action - we can innovate and evolve faster, stronger, more efficiently when we get input from our customers, partners and developer community. We are always open to more engagement and this session will tell you how to get started. Be a first hand contributor to the next generation of ECM.

Nuxeo & CMIS - What's Next? Hear about our ongoing involvement in this important standards work, and how we've implemented CMIS 1.0 in Nuxeo EP and related packaged applications. Share your CMIS experience with the community!

Lots more great sessions - the updated program is listed here.

Early bird registration rates are still open until August 31. So see you in Paris!