Over the course of this year, we have been working hard to enrich our eLearning platform, called Hyland University, with significant improvements and new courses! After six months since we rolled out this new platform, we are proud to say that we have reached around 500 learners who regularly checkout courses in the platform and take the certifications. The platform has more than 4 hours of pedagogical content so far and we are constantly adding new content.

Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Put Your Knowledge into Practice with Nuxeo Tracks

We have created the concept of tracks: A track is an exercise course linked to a particular domain such as, configuration with Nuxeo Studio, development, architecture or platform discovery. Each exercise of a track is associated to a specific course. In order to make it more entertaining, we have based all tracks on the same overall fictive story: a clothing company which has deployed Nuxeo to manage its product catalog. Each exercise presents a version of the story with an issue to solve. But a track is more than just a simple practical work because each exercise:

  • Sets the objectives you have to reach
  • Indicates the course you have to take to prepare the exercises
  • Lists the questions you have to answer before going straight to the configuration or implementation
  • Gives you all the instructions you have to follow
  • Presents you with the expected results
  • Provides you with all the helpful documentation links
  • Gives you tips and tricks and additional exercises if you want to go further

I am excited to announced that the first track, Nuxeo Studio track, has just been released! It is dedicated to Nuxeo Studio configuration. Go ahead and take a look at it.

Validate Your Frontend Skills with Our New Certification!

In addition to the existing certification, we have just released a new one specific to front-end development. The Nuxeo Frontend Basics Certification tests your ability to understand the Nuxeo REST API principles. It also validates your knowledges on Polymer and Nuxeo Elements fundamentals. Nuxeo Frontend Basics Certification

If you have passed the Nuxeo Fundamentals Certification, then you can register for the Frontend Basics certification! On this page, you will also find the links to the description (content, prerequisites, exam format, tips, etc.).

Certification Track## Easily Search and Find the Courses Adapted to Your Profile

Certification Track

We have updated the Hyland University catalog UI in order to help you identify the content that is more relevant for you. Courses are now displayed with thumbnails with a category attached.

So, you can now search the courses by category. Certification Track

Share Your Progress on Social Media

Last but not the least, we have enabled social media sharing so you can quickly share your certification result and the course completion status on Linkedin and Twitter.

More to Come: Hyland University Roadmap!

In July, we will publish a course on the different import strategies with an associated track, so stay tuned! Next, we will be publishing courses to help you master our new Nuxeo Studio Designer (for application builders) and Nuxeo Web UI (for end users).

We’ve already released a course on Document and Workflow Task Layouts. You can follow our progress and check what’s next in our University roadmap