This week Nuxeo announced the release of Nuxeo Case Management Framework (Nuxeo CMF).  

Case Management is a hot topic these days. Several of the large ECM vendors have announced Case Management products or strategies over the last few months. But this is not a "me-too" announcement from Nuxeo. 

The Nuxeo approach to the ECM market is clear:  we provide a technically advanced enterprise content management platform that lets customers and partners build content applications to meet their specific needs.  Nuxeo CMF is an enhanced distribution of this underlying platform - what we call Nuxeo EP. Other Nuxeo packaged applications - Nuxeo Document Management and Nuxeo Digital Asset Management - follow this same model.  

Our development team takes the underlying foundation of Nuxeo EP, and packages the components needed to best meet a specific content application use case - DM, DAM and now Case Management. The platform is extended, given a user interface that is suitable for the intended type of information worker, with default features and metadata to allow an organization to get working and testing very rapidly.

Nuxeo-our-approachNuxeo CMF builds on many years of successful case-based application deployments by our partners and our own services staff. Correspondence Management, incident tracking, personnel file management - are examples of applications that have been designed and deployed repeatedly.  We've aggregated this knowledge, and created templates, mailboxes, UI, metadata and navigation enhancements that are now bundled up in our Nuxeo CMF package.  It is intended to be horizontal, allowing individual customers or their integration partners to flesh out the industry/vertical specific terminology, metadata or business rules needed to manage their types of cases.


Why is Nuxeo CMF different than some of the other case management offerings out there?

  • Nuxeo CMF is a natural extension to our ECM platform - it's already intended to be an application creation environment.  Supported by the graphical design power of Nuxeo Studio, our case management offering means business analysts, information architects, ISVs can deliver rapid results.

  • We are open source. No cost for licenses - so no reason not to get moving on your project quickly.  Our revenue is derived from the maintenance and support services we offer as part of our <a href="/services/>Nuxeo Online Services subscription.  Download Nuxeo CMF in minutes. Right here. Right now.

  • Nuxeo CMF takes advantage of the CMIS compliance of the underlying Nuxeo EP foundation. We have opened a new door in the ECM world this week - we can now begin to envision content applications not only collecting and processing diverse bits of content into a logical case metaphor - but start exploring content applications that can reach into multiple ECM repositories. This is new... this is cool.   And as CMIS applications and toolkits begin to emerge specifically for mobile - Android, iPhone - the imagination starts to kick into high gear.  Think hand-held apps to serve the needs of busy mobile information workers - field inspectors, medical professionals, attorneys, investigators....

Let us know what you think of Nuxeo CMF.  We're happy to get your feedback in our Community discussion forum.