Nuxeo World 2011 Paris I recently found this page to promote Dreamforce’11 on website and I was amazed how far they go to persuade their users to attend. This is almost fun!

Actually we really hope Nuxeo visitors and users are able to argue the value of an event such as Nuxeo World to their boss by themselves to get the green light and we won’t go as far as writing template letters. But still, if you want some advice from us to help you in your endeavor, here goes!

Well for the price your boss might see (two days off + a couple of hundreds euros) you will get:

  • Two days of a highly technical and functional conference that will provide you with much more knowledge than many expensive workshops or analyst reports that are usually 10 times the price of a Nuxeo World ticket

  • The opportunity to network with the whole ecosystem more productively than countless (office) hours browsing linkedIn, Twitter or even Facebook.

If you are in the process of evaluating Enterprise Content Management solutions, you’ll have a unique opportunity to meet our team, see how Nuxeo can fit your needs and connect with our integrators partners to start discussing your projects. You’ll also be able to gather feedback from our customers and learn what are the key factors of success in using Nuxeo for your content applications.

If you are an existing customer, Nuxeo World will be the perfect occasion to (re)connect with our team, discover our roadmap, share your feedback on your daily use of our tools, and also gather experience from other customers to see how you can extend your use of Nuxeo solutions to domains you would have never guessed.

If you are developing applications on top of Nuxeo Content Application Platform, meeting our team may help you understand where we are going, what the contribution to the core of our app to the Eclipse Foundation means to you, and you can also take of advantage of this occasion to present your application to partners or clients within the Nuxeo Ecosystem.

But if it’s not really your boss that you have to convince, let me tell you:

  • The Thursday night event (included in the ticket price of the conference) will be a lot of fun

  • The event is located in the best part of Paris, unlike 99% of business events, which are a footstep from the Opéra

  • The Theater is gorgeous and the Nuxeo crew is eager to share a beer with you ...And let say it’s not the boss or you that needs to be convinced, bring your husband or your wife — the location is perfect for a parisian shopping experience!