The main problem with wiki syntaxes is that they have almost always fixed
features. Some wikis are extensible, like Trac, who let you create

CPSWiki is going to have its own system of macros, that will give the user
the ability to execute scripts.

Those scripts will be able to interact with the portal through an execution
context that will make the portal accessible to the code.

Zwiki has a similar approach in by letting
the user execute dtml.

The more interesting way to do it is to create a wiki namespace and to keep
all scripts in the wiki folder. This namespace will allow scripts to
interact and

 users to construct complex features. (dynamic graph creation,

This has to come with a library of base scripts that the user can start to

Let's get rid of all thoses heavy CMS features and get back to a good o'wiki
to create all our sites ;)

(Post originally written by Tarek Ziadé on the old Nuxeo blogs.)