I am thinking about a feature that could link portal knowledge in a very
simple way, about the same way CPSSharedCalendar and CPSSubscriptions does
when they send emails.

I keep on trying to find such features in existing tool, it has to
exists.. Whenever I find it, i'll remove this stupid blog entry ;)

Well, here's what I've taught of:

  • Provided that the portal members are actually using the webmail to talk
    to each other about their work,

  • Provided that users are gathered in work groups, and therefore share a
    common knowledge:

Mails beeing sent for this private circle could have meta content, by using
wiki notation, the webmail could then parse these mail bodies to display
internal links to wikipages or to future wikipages.

This feature would also make the mail writing easier, since it can refers to
common knowledge, and consolidate this knowledge because it is the central
part of all dialogs and therefore all important infos,out of the dialog, are
kept centralized.

One wiki per work group should be the perfect balance.

Here's a sample:

Regular mail exchanges :

Hi Bob,
Can we meet sometimes about the x32 project,
do you remember about it ?
I sent you a mail 4 months ago about it.
you have the specs here: http://xxx/specs
and the client web page is there: http://xxx/dsddd
Please let me know when we can meet about it,
and if you have more info about them, let me know.

Hi bill,
Sorry, don't remember, can't find your mail.
what was the subject ?
OK, anway, i have looked at the pages (the second link is down, though)
I have aslo found infos here: http://xxx/dsdsdssd
let's meet on tuesday


Hi Bob,
Can we meet sometimes about the [x32 project],
Please let me know when we can meet about it,
don't hesitate to complete the informations we have.

Hi bill,
OK, i have completed them.
let's meet on tuesday, please create the meeting
page by clicking on the link below and fill it. thx
[x32 project meeting]?

CPSMailAccess could then parse the mail body, according to the user center
of interests (ie: the groups he belongs to) and make links to different wiki

OK, this is what we all tend to do. For example Trac links are heavily used in mails when we talk about bug or features, but, if we talk about other subjects, the principal knowledge base moves in the best cases from trac to another tool, but most of the time we have to look over our mails to recollect some infos...


The main idea is to pour email info richness into a centralized, common, base, and to make the mail beeing just what it should be: a simple trigger.

(Post originally written by Tarek Ziadé on the old Nuxeo blogs.)