More DAM awesomeness from the R&D gurus @Nuxeo -- the latest point release of Nuxeo DAM (open source digital asset management), version 1.3, aligns with the latest version of the Nuxeo Enterprise Platform. This means it has an installation wizard, a controller GUI, and is generally even easier to install and run. To mark the occasion, we've created a Nuxeo DAM overview screencast:

Java-Based Launcher with Embedded Shell

The new launcher is written in Java so we have the same bootstrap code for all target platforms. We also took the opportunity to build a controller GUI so that launching and running Nuxeo DAM is even easier now. The controller GUI enables:

  • Start / Stop of the server

  • Visualization of server log files

  • Access to the Automation Shell interface - the Admin’s friend. The Command Index is an even better friend.

Shared Repository

We often have clients requesting a shared repository for Nuxeo DAM and Nuxeo DM (open source document management). It makes a lot of sense - document content differs from media content for metadata and visualization purposes. Nuxeo DAM offers an interface optimized for image, sound, and video content, while Nuxeo DM focuses on document content. This latest version of Nuxeo DAM can now share a repository with the latest version of Nuxeo Document Management, 5.4.1.

Next Steps

With these new installation features, you can download Nuxeo DAM and start poking around in 10 minutes or less.

What are you looking for in a DAM solution? We {heart} DAM feedback.

-- @JaneZupan