At Nuxeo, we’ve already shared the exciting news that our platform has been included in The Forrester WaveTM: Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience, Q2 2018. When evaluating Nuxeo’s capabilities, Forrester noted that the platform has “particular strengths” in workflows and approvals.

Keep reading to learn more about the Nuxeo Platform capabilities that Forrester evaluated — and how automation can make your approval and compliance workflows easier to manage with less risk.

The Forrester Wave uses objective evaluation criteria, applied transparently across a field of products, to reveal insights about market position, both for current product offerings and strategic vision. In this year’s Forrester WaveTM: Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience, Nuxeo was given a “5.0” rating for “superior capabilities relative to others included in this evaluation” for workflows and approvals.

We’re proud of our rating, but not surprised: versatile, configurable workflows are central to our product, because we know how tangled workflows can negatively impact your team, your brand, and your enterprise.

We’ve all had frustrating experiences with workflows and processes. Whether it’s getting two independently reviewed versions of an asset back—with two contradictory sets of suggestions that need to be reconciled—or spending ten minutes searching for the email with an original timeline for asset production, small inefficiencies can quickly add up.

Approval Workflows

One of the most common points for inefficiencies to spiral out of control happens during approval workflow processes. Inconsistent ad hoc workflows develop, leading to time-consuming delays while people use multiple systems to manage an asset from creation to deployment.

One reviewer marks up a paper copy and snaps a quick shot with their mobile phone, while another wants to use email and yet another sends their notes by Slack. Sometimes, previous attempts at DAM leave companies with systems of record that go unused because they are difficult or time-consuming to work with. The result? Users start implementing their own work-arounds (email, their personal file sharing apps) instead of using the DAM system because they become frustrated with it.

Nuxeo fully supports approval workflows of all types. Asset states can be changed from “draft” to “in-review” when a draft is complete, then back to “draft” when a creative needs to make edits. “Draft” status can lock an asset, so downstream users don’t accidentally use it for revisions … or, worse, deploy unapproved content.

Nuxeo’s easy-to-use DAM interface gives users contextual information about assets, so that reviewers don’t need to look in several places for information about an asset. For example, an asset can be tagged with its target audience, planned channels, or project information to make sure that every reviewer is on the same page.

Compliance Workflows

Nuxeo’s workflow capabilities go far beyond creative approvals. With highly-configurable parallel and serial workflows, assets can be flagged for additional compliance reviews at any stage of development.

For example, let’s say a company offers a money-back guarantee under very specific, limited circumstances, and wants to avoid using language that would depict their guarantee as being broader in scope. Using Nuxeo’s workflow management tools, any assets mentioning the guarantee could be sent for a quick review by the legal department, ensuring that all deployed assets meet compliance standards.

Digital signatures and audit trails can also be created using the nearly infinite configurability of the Nuxeo platform. The best part: there’s no need to purchase add-ons to gain access to these features. All workflows—ad hoc and structured, serial and parallel, at all levels of customization—are included natively in the Nuxeo Platform at no additional cost.

Maintaining Security and Permissions

Handling approval and compliance workflows on an ad hoc, manual basis creates an environment with inherent security risks. Unapproved assets, as well as those containing time-sensitive or audience-restricted information, often set the stage for embarrassing gaffes with partners, public relations disasters, and countless other negative outcomes.

With Nuxeo DAM, security and permissions are embedded within assets throughout the entire project lifecycle, so that everyone who should be able to see an asset can—while those who shouldn’t are kept out.

Workflow Integrations

Nuxeo’s API-first architecture makes it easy to integrate with a wide range of project management tools. Many Nuxeo customers have integrated leading project management solutions into their Nuxeo installation in order to provide robust, interdepartmental oversight of assets and project completion. Full campaigns and tasks from project management interfaces can be synchronized with Nuxeo’s workflow management capabilities to ensure effective, efficient interdepartmental collaboration.

Nuxeo also integrates with the tools you already use to manage security, permissions, and digital signatures, so there’s no need to reconfigure—simply maintain your existing security settings in the Platform.

Do More With Nuxeo

With a multitude of configuration options that can drive automation of even the most complicated, multi-layered and nested workflows, Nuxeo is ready to take on your biggest workflows challenges.

We’re proud that our hard work is receiving recognition from the experts, but we’re even prouder of the appreciation we get from happy customers. Check out The Forrester Wave™ 2018: DAM For Customer Experience to learn more about our performance, then contact us for a demo — we’ll be glad to show you how Nuxeo can help you create workflows that work.