You can find
here the slides of the Zope 3 talk I gave
last friday at the www2006.

The talk went well. (The time they gave me was a little shorter than I
would have expected though). This was the last day of the conference thus,
as always during conferences, lots of people had already left the place.

I was surprised to find a room with lots of people knowing Zope2 (or at least people who had tried Zope2 couple of years ago). The bad news was that they seemed not to like it... (Actually, like a lot of people
outside of the Zope world). Arguments are
always the same, too monolitic, too complex , not enough following standards

I guess I succeeded to excite their curiosity with Zope3 and the way it's been designed to
especially tackle the issues they had previously with Zope2. They really loved the doctests

The www2006 conference is about the Web in
general right :). So basically, I found there lots of people excited about
Web 2.0, AJAX and all browser related technologies. Of course, I can see the
advantages of those technologies but I have to say I don't think I'm
a Web guy at heart. I would always rather work server side or with
real desktop applications myself :)

Edinburgh is a nice big village. People were really nice (and they do have
a really cool English accent ;)). The only problem with small cities
is for instance when you would like to eat after 10 P.M... Kudos to the
Indian restaurant next to the hotel for serving me food when I arrived from
the airport even if they were about to close when I came in...

I didn't spend a lot of time in Edinburgh since I went to London on Friday

Here it is for this small report about the conference.

(Post originally written by Julien Anguenot on the old Nuxeo blogs.)