Another post today (I'm flushing all my "To Blog" entries
from the corresponding sticky on my desktop :-)...

I happily discovered, this week, that XUL is no more Mozilla / XPFE only.
Many projects are on the way to put XUL into many other
platforms like MS IE, Opera, Swig, Mono, and... Eclipse / SWT !!

I found that the last one is very interessant because it
opens a new way for Rich Client. Maybe the best way : Eclipse
RCP as the Rich Client Platform and XUL as the cross-browser,
cross-platform, cross-media interface description language.
The only thing I don't like with Eclipse is that we are forced
to use the good old method to design interfaces : write code
(and XUL was almost the only thing I like in XPFE). And since
we have choosen Eclipse RCP as our Rich Client Platform, this
news makes me feel good... I knew it would happen :-)

If we can gain from Eclipse as the plaform and XUL as the
interface language, I think we can imagine many things (like
porting web interface easily to rich client, integration
simple XUL apps into Eclipse, make avalable an app from the
web or from your Personnal Portal aka Eclipse RCP, etc.

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(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)