I have spent some time this week trying out Zope 2.8 in it's second beta
incarnation. There are a lot of basic groundwork changes in Zope 2.8, which
is evident from the deluge of deprecation warnings you get when using it
with applications like CPS. But other than that, there was only a couple of
few things that didn't work straight away, and these have now been

Zope 2.8 it also includes Five, to get people started on the path to Zope 3
development. This is amazingly cool. The version shipping with Zope 2.8b2 is
usable unless you want to internationalize your ZPTs so users can change the
interface language. If you want that you need to wait for Five 1.1. Luckily,
Zope allows you to easily install a new version of Five in your products
directory, and it will use that version instead, so keeping Zope 2.8 up with
Five developments will be easy.

(Post originally written by Lennart Regebro on the old Nuxeo blogs.)