I discussed with Stephan yesterday on IRC about the Zope3 and Twisted
integration and just wanted to drop a blog related to this.

Stephan did a great work with Michael Kerrin integrating Zope3 with
Twisted. (A branch is already waiting for Zope-3.2 there.
and they've been in touch with the Twisted guys all along this work. This is
really promising !

I found this integration interesting for two reasons. The first reason,
it's something that lots of Zope hackers are waiting for because Twisted is
a really powerful framework that was unfornately hard to use with Zope until
now (which was of course preventing Zope devels to dig into Twisted more
deeply) and the second reason is that we can hope to see the developers from
both projects trying to work together and use both frameworks on both

The thing now is to convince the Twisted folks to use Zope3 :) It seems
they are developing their own stuffs such as newo or even their own persistency mechanims
(persisted component) and probably tons of other things I'm not aware

For someone involved in Zope2 for a while this it typically the kind of
Python symptom you'll often find that consists of always reinventing the
wheel since it's often easier to recode your own stuffs than integrating
someone's else code and communicate with the folks maintaning it. We agreed
it's bad and a waste of ressources after Zope2 and all the CMS projects
around Zope2...

I really hope both Twisted and Zope hackers will check and use more each
other framework, share components and exchange patches. It will be so great
merging somehow hackers from both communites !

Twisted folks : check Zope3 !  (It will be using Twisted right

(Post originally written by Julien Anguenot on the old Nuxeo blogs.)