As Paul
Everitt just annouced
, Nuxeo will host the next Zope 3
sprint, here in Paris.

The main goal of this sprint is to start up the Z3 ECM
effort that aims at building a full-featured framework
providing all legacy services a CMS needs (let's talk about
metadatas, indexing, schemas & form management,
versionning, RDF, document storage, collaboration features,
directories and user management, maybe even calendaring,
webmail and mail integration, etc.).

I really would like to see you (all highly skilled
participants) working hard together to create strong
foundations for the ECM framework of Zope 3. I really think if
all of us, coming from CPS / Plone / Silva / Zope Corp.
succeed to join forces, we can create the next generation Open
Source Enterprise Content Management framework.

One of thing that hopefully can help us achieving this
alliance is to realize that Java open source CMS makes great
progress and might be able to compete with ours soon (maybe
already this year). We're not ennemy, we're allies and would
gain so much joining forces since Zope 3 offers us a powerful
(and sexy :-) infrastructure. Python and Zope 3 rock so much !

I hope that this week (we all so busy) we will be able to
prepare enough the sprint organizing the effort into some
dedicated "workshops". Here is a list of workshops I can think
of :

  • Forms and schemas management : what's missing in Zope 3
    to compete with Archetype and CPSSchemas

  • Semantic web : what is the place of RDF in the new

  • Indexing and Searching : ZCatalog, Lucene,

  • Directories / groups / users management and

  • Workflow engine and business process management :
    DCWorkflow, CPSWorkflow, Z3 worklow engine

  • Document lifecycle management : versionning, workflow
    integration, translations, etc.

  • Users notification and presence framework (like in
    CPSSubscriptions) with email, portal, sms, jabber, or
    whatever support :-)

  • Collaboration features : comments, forums, mail
    integration, calendaring, webmail, etc.

  • Migration path : Five, Zope 2.x ?

I am sure that I forget things, and think that we have to
define some priorities because we won't be able to address all
points :-)

Anyway, I will try to add this to the sprint page this monday
to start the preparation and hope to get feedback from all
people feeling involved in this effort.

Last : I'm very excited by all of this : so much fun and so
big challenge ! :-) I really enjoy to see lot of majors actors
the the Zope CMS world working together on the best opensource
CMS ever :-)

And the sprint have to be focused on coding things, not
only thinking and talking. It's time to code. :-)

(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)