The EP sprint is going on in here in Göteborg. I'm working on the workflow

Today, I updated the document I wrote 2 days ago about the architecture
overview. You can find it there :

This is a draft and this is, of course, not in any way the

definitive architecture... The idea in here is to put on a paper the ideas
and the workflow related stuffs I've been thinking on for couple of time and
based on my previous experience on CPSWorkflow.
BTW, Anahide wrote a really nice howto document and product to explain the
CPSWorkflow in

If you are interested in workflow and ECM I would be please to get feedbacks
on this first draft on the Zope3 / ECM architecture.

I'm currently binding zope.wfmc on xpdlcore
as xpdl importer. It will be the first step to have the 3 components working
together before going further in the development. I hope I could create a
branch in Zope3 tomorrow for the 3.2 version of Zope3. The integration of lxml will be needed before this anyway
since xplcore uses lxml for parsing xpdl files.

I'll be
CPSWorkflow and ecmworkflow at EP on monday. I'll talk about the new
features of CPSWorkflow and my first architecture draft and prototype on
ecmworkflow with a discussion about the document centric versus activity
based workflow models at the same time.

RIght. Now it's beer time (midsummer fest) in here where the days are
really long and the night really bright at this time :)

(Post originally written by Julien Anguenot on the old Nuxeo blogs.)