That's official ! The new Zope3 / ECM project is launched !

See the annoucement on the
project portal.

The main goal of this project is to build the next-generation Open Source
ECM Platform on top of
Zope 3
able to compete with the major ECM solutions on the market such
as Documentum, OpenText, etc.

What is Z3Lab ?

Z3Lab aims at building a strong community
leveraging the experiences of both individuals and companies that are
involved in the Zope ECM/ CMS market nowadays
to create the best ECM platform on the market and offer high-value
professional services to customers.

ECM Platform

The project's main goals are :

  • to unify the whole Zope/CMS-involved
    community to drastically reduce waste of resources (doing twice or more
    equivalent components / features).

  • to spread
    Zope 3
    technology on the market by providing a world class ECM Platform
    with companies providing consulting worldwide and backing the project.

The project's goals are really ambitious but considerint the amount of
excellent Zope hackers all around the world it is more than an acceptable
mission :)

The project's just starting and the first iteration will be to write
specifications and to come up with the architecture of the framework. If you
are interested in ECM architecture join
the mailing list !

Couple of documents are already published on the portal such as
a concept map
and an overview of the
ECM Plateform

Hope to see you all on the mailing list soon :)

(Post originally written by Julien Anguenot on the old Nuxeo blogs.)