Great news : Zope-3.1 went beta during the week-end !

Stephan released it yesterday :

Notice that the 'X' has been droped. Check the annoucement it's explained
within. Basically, we think Zope3 is now more than ready for production use
and the compatibility issues with Zope2 will continue to be investigated
through the Five component
(which is now shipped with Zope-2.8 since the
Paris sprint 2005)

I'm pretty happy about it and looking forward to the 3.1 final on my side
cause :

  1. lxml support on Zope-3.2

  2. inclusion of xplcore
    and an integration with zope.wfmc.

This is part of my work in the scope of the Zope3 / ECM workflow project (ecmworkflow)

I will be annoucing the EP workflow
sprint topics that will include basically :

  1. Work on xpdlcore : continue the prototype and integrate it with

  2. Architecture review and coding on ecmworkflow

Zope3 time has come ! :)

(Post originally written by Julien Anguenot on the old Nuxeo blogs.)