Reverend is a lightweight python tool by Amir Bakhtiar that provides a
bayesian classifier. It's a perfect tool to classify spam mails for

It was its first use case anyway, since the authors based it on Christophe
Delord PopF tool:

I need this tool for the webmail I am coding but since I have thaught of
many other usages in zope for a bayesian classifier, I have created a small
Zope 3 utility (very early stage right now).

The Z3 product is called "zreverend" and wraps reverend into zope by:

  • automatically saving the bayesian network into persistent dictionnaries
    in the ZODB
  • publish all useful methods to use reverend in some code
  • provide a minima managment screen
  • ... more to come i guess

That's my first "pure" zope 3 product so besides its usage it provided me a
good training. (it still needs some good code review though)

Notice that Zope 2 developers can use it through Five, by manually
instanciate ZBayes objects, like I did in CPSMailAccess with zemantic and
like I will with zreverend.

Browse the code here:

get the code with svn like this:

svn co zreverend

If this tool is somehow useful to you or if please let me know !

(Post originally written by Tarek Ziadé on the old Nuxeo blogs.)