Content Management Interoperability Services, or CMIS, is an OASIS standard for content management systems and applications that talk with them to interoperate. It defines a vendor and language neutral way for applications to work with content repositories.

To support this industry effort, Nuxeo has helped define the CMIS 1.0 standard and continues to contribute to the Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS library. The Nuxeo Platform CMIS connector is a built-in CMIS compliant interface of the Nuxeo Platform repository. This lets your content based applications (including Digital Asset Management, Document Management, and Case Management) create and access content in a standard / vendor-independent manner.
It also makes your Nuxeo Platform repository compliant with third party software vendors (such as digitization tools, ERPs and CMS) that support the CMIS protocol for accessing a content repository.

Benefits of the Nuxeo Platform CMIS

  • Out of the box support of the CMIS Standard
  • High performance, HA Compatible architecture
  • Easy deployment - run on Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server or even NoSQL backends such as MongoDB
  • Cloud support - native binary store for Amazon S3 (and other cloud storage solutions) support for Amazon RDS
  • Configurable via Nuxeo Studio - easy to manage Content Model, Metadata, Security, Structure, and Business rules
  • Ready-to-use and highly configurable content authoring / content management console
  • Advanced repository:
    • Configurable traceability and security - including military-grade security easy to manage ACLs
    • Content processing scheduler with a fully-featured content automation framework
    • Embedded Workflow Engine for long term content management rules
    • Content Encryption
  • Easy to integrate in a continuous integration chain - Nuxeo provides all the necessary tooling

Developers can use OpenCMIS with the Nuxeo Platform CMIS repository to:

  • Connect their content-centric applications to the Nuxeo Platform
  • Migrate content from legacy CMIS-compliant repository to their new Nuxeo Platform setup
  • Expose other third party repository content inside their Nuxeo Platform user interface


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