Artificial Intelligence for Content Management

Nuxeo Insight

Your content and data are unique to your business: artificial intelligence should be able to do predict, classify and enrich content based on the exact information that matters to you. Nuxeo Insight brings the power of AI, trained on your own business-specific content, to your users.

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More Value From the Same Content

Whether you’re interested in classifying insurance claims or movie characters, products or prescriptions, Nuxeo Insight can form intelligent predictions based on the information you already have. Classify, predict, and enrich documents, rich media, and other content, with no coding or machine learning expertise.

Navigate & Discover

Give structure to your unstructured content. Nuxeo Insight uncovers the key information in your assets, making it easy to classify and find your assets intelligently.

Extract & Enrich

Extract automated, accurate metadata from your documents and rich media assets with Nuxeo Insight. Then, enrich that metadata automatically, based on any of your business systems or information.

Automate & Launch

After enriching assets with automated metadata, apply the new information to automate image capture, launch workflows, and associate new content with pending tasks or work assignments.

Evolve & Improve

Nuxeo Insight automatically improves prediction accuracy over time, and it’s easy to retrain as more content and data become available.

Audit & Understand

Suggestions and content changes are fully auditable. Understand the metadata driving each prediction and the content set used for training.

The X Factor

A low-code, “point-and-click” experience that enables even casual users to not only define and train new ML models, but also easily deploy and administer these models in production use cases.

Train your model

Select the various values and data types you want the new model to populate

Fine tune your data

Apply different parameters for each prediction

Compare performance

Select the appropriate content and data for successful model training

Take action

Perform any necessary renditions or transformations

Nuxeo Enrichment Framework

We integrate with and take advantage of a variety of public cloud services for artificial intelligence, providing greater insight into and understanding of content, whether that’s text-based documents, photos and images, or even audio and video files... Nuxeo Platform will pass an asset to a cloud provider and will receive back a set of data produced by the AI service. We see a lot of value with these generic models and services, particularly in performing routine tasks with high volumes of content. We integrate with Google vision, Google Document AI, Amazon Rekognition, Comprehend, Textract, Translate, Transcribe and SightEngine.

As easy as 1–2–3

It’s never been easier to make powerful AI work for your business. Now, you don’t need to be a machine learning expert, or a data scientist to transform your insights and curiosity into predictions and business value with state-of-the-art AI. We did the heavy lifting for you, now you just have to follow three easy steps in Nuxeo Insight.

Step 1: Train
Choose what you want to predict and the training data for the AI to use. Insight provides guidance on the quality of your training set before you start.

Step 2: Use
Nuxeo Insight acts like a virtual assistant, learning the specifics of your data and suggesting values for you — complete with insight into its levels of confidence.

Step 3: Refine
As you accept or reject its recommendations, Insight learns more about what you prefer, its suggestions become smarter automatically.

Get Started

Nuxeo’s Insight team is available to help set up your first few models — but as you’ll soon see, all you need is knowledge of your own business.