Content Search Features

Ready to start finding content the first time you search — every time?
Ready for teams to have access to all the content they need?
Ready to search for all your content, from documents to videos, in the blink of an eye?
You’re ready for Nuxeo.

Driving rapid innovation

Executing and iterating on ideas has never been faster. Get up and running quickly, with elasticity and configurability that keeps your teams moving full speed ahead — even as your needs evolve.


Simple and advanced results faster than the blink of an eye (<20 ms), even under heavy load.


Full text and metadata searching that doesn’t slow down, even with 1+ billion assets being searched by thousands of users.


Enable total control over your information. Users find content and previews they have permission to view — and not the ones they don’t.

Nuxeo search illustration

Many systems. One easy search tool.

Tired of frustrating, repetitive searches of multiple systems — and never being sure you’ve looked everywhere?

With Nuxeo Platform, search for information stored anywhere in your organization, from hard drives to datacenters.

The X Factor: Open benchmark results

At Nuxeo, we do things differently. We are the only content services platform that makes the results of our benchmark tests available to the public.

Check out how our next-generation platform performs under the most ambitious stress test ever devised.

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