Digital Asset Management with Adobe CC

Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

Boost your teams’ output without forcing them to change the way they’re already working.

Nuxeo works hard to let you do more with your digital assets — all while using the same Adobe Creative Cloud applications your creative teams already know and understand. We created the Nuxeo Adobe CC Connector to make browsing, searching, uploading, and updating content easier in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. Now, your teams can get all the DAM functionality of Nuxeo without ever leaving the applications they’re most comfortable with.

The Adobe DAM connector will maximize your team's productivity! We provide key digital asset management features within Adobe CC applications. Try it now!


Direct access to repositories

Tired of workflows that require downloading from and uploading to applications and websites outside of Adobe CC? Get the content you need directly from the Adobe Creative Suite, including high or low resolution previews of repository assets.

Find assets faster than ever

Can’t remember where you kept an asset? Using Nuxeo’s lightning-fast tools, quickly browse through content libraries using existing navigation trees, or perform searches in a snap with embedded Elasticsearch.

Smarter searches

Need to look for an asset with a specific theme, image, or product? Use Nuxeo Adobe CC Connector to search all content metadata — not just file names — so you can find what’s relevant to the project you’re working on now.

Keep your content secure

Want to keep your files protected? The Nuxeo Adobe CC Connector maintains all permissions and security settings from Nuxeo. Users will only be able to search for, browse, and preview content they are allowed to access.

Easy content updates

Found the image you want, and ready to save your update? With the Adobe CC Connector, update once and get a full view of all assets that will need to be updated to incorporate the changes.

Version control

Annoyed by duplicates and out-of-date versions cluttering up your system? With Nuxeo, duplicates are consolidated automatically, and you’ll always see the most recent version of your Adobe Creative Suite assets.

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