IBM Aspera

If you have the IBM Aspera as part of your technology stack you can now increase your efficiency by transferring your large files in the background while still working in the Nuxeo Platform.

Aspera’s high-speed transfer technology enables the movement of big data and large files around the world.

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Benefits of the Aspera Connector

The Nuxeo Aspera Connector adds Aspera connectivity to the Nuxeo menu and is 100% asynchronous for upload or download. The Nuxeo connector is based on Aspera on Cloud service a hosted service to quickly and reliably send and share your files and data sets of any size and type across a hybrid cloud environment.

Bulk Apply

Application of common metadata to all items being uploaded.


Optional auto-create function after upload.


Sharing transfer with other people or groups so they can add value as build the library from the transfer.

Multiple Uploads

Multiple Aspera uploads going at the same time.

Bulk Edit

Bulk individual edit of metadata for transferred files and folders.

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