Share Files As you Already Do

Enterprise Cloud File Sharing & Collaboration

Use your preferred sync and share application to collaborate freely, all while leveraging the rich metadata and process management capabilities of our Content Services Platform.


Go beyond simple file sharing

Share files

Nuxeo provides out-of-the-box integration with Google Drive and Dropbox. There’s no need to copy content residing in these file sharing applications or to convert it to be stored in Nuxeo’s Content Services Platform.


Nuxeo displays the same file thumbnails as in Google Drive and Dropbox, providing a familiar experience for your users. Benefit from the online file storage capabilities and from the power of our Content Services Platform.


Unified search capabilities span across all content, regardless if files are shared in your EFSS solution or managed in the Nuxeo Platform itself. Any modifications to online documents are immediately updated for full-text search.

Direct edit

Users can edit Nuxeo content with the native Google Drive editor, enabling your employees to collaborate transparently from within our platform.

Go further

Don’t settle for lightweight content management. Add rich metadata to your content, set up structured workflows, enforce versioning, or even automate PDF conversions. Make the most out of your enterprise content.

Download faster

Download a file directly from the file sharing provider’s servers to your local system without using your own network.

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