CMIS for Content Management

CMIS is an OASIS standard for information sharing between Content Management Systems. Nuxeo helped define the CMIS 1.0 standard and continues to contribute to the Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS library. Nuxeo offers a fully compliant CMIS interface for the Nuxeo Platform.

We offer a fully compliant CMIS interface for Content Services, Digital Asset Management and other content-centric applications.

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CMIS Standard Benefits Include


Your Nuxeo applications can create and access content from other Content Management Systems in a standardized, vendor-independent manner.


With Nuxeo, you can be assured that the Nuxeo Platform will always be compliant with the latest CMIS standard and will readily integrate with other CMIS-compliant solutions.


Readily connect existing content-centric applications to the Nuxeo platform. Migrate content from legacy CMIS-compliant repositories to new Nuxeo instances. Or, expose critical information from other content repositories inside the Nuxeo interface.

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