Ephesoft Document Capture Integration

For many organizations, content capture is the first step in any successful content services project. Combining the AI-driven capture capabilities of Ephesoft with our platform provides the perfect foundation for process automation, content management, and compliance solutions in your industry.

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Quickly digitize paper documents using our Ephesoft connector and import documents with pre-filled metadata.



Intelligent Content Capture provides automated routing of documents from just a wide range of sources to your Nuxeo repository. Import from folders, content management tools, email accounts, mobile devices, copiers, scanners and more.


Intelligent Content Capture provides a browser-based TWAIN scanning interface, allowing you to scan your paper documents into Nuxeo. Using hot folder capability, you can also scan from your MFPs/copiers, providing a seamless solution at enterprise scale.


You can convert scanned images to searchable PDFs quickly and accurately. Automatically recognize text (OCR), handwriting (ICR), images, barcodes and optical marks (OMR) to classify documents and extract critical information.


Using machine learning and analytics, you can automatically classify documents and extract data. This data can then be mapped to Nuxeo metadata fields and used to auto-tag any type of content.


You can crawl Nuxeo and other connected repositories to convert unstructured, hidden document data into structured data for analysis. Create prepackaged reports for analyzing and tracking all scanning activities, including throughput and performance.

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