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Nuxeo Retention Management

At Nuxeo, we’re focused on enabling companies to meet even the most complex legal and regulatory content retention requirements.

In addition to providing advanced tools to secure information, our platform enables organizations to easily configure content retention and disposition policies behind the scenes to meet the most stringent business and compliance goals.

Our Content Services Platform
Our platform enables organizations to easily configure content retention and disposition policies behind the scenes to meet the most stringent business and compliance goals.

Automate Retention Policies

Despite robust configuration options, meeting compliance requirements can be challenging. Even with well-defined rules for handling imported or newly created documents, enterprises demand tools to that minimize the risk of non-compliance.



Retain and dispose of documents easily by assigning retention policies as part of workflows and business processes. When specified events occur, retention policies can be applied to the relevant document(s).



Retention Management can specify retention requirements for documents that have specific metadata values, ensuring that once documents are classified appropriately, required retention is automatically applied.

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Customers can go beyond standard classification tools with Nuxeo’s artificial intelligence service. Nuxeo Insight provides powerful predictions that classify content based on specified details. These insights can inform how your retention policies are applied to a wide range of documents automatically.

Align to Information Governance Best Practices and Government Regulations

By configuring content retention policies, Nuxeo is able to manage the retention lifecycle of standard documents and corporate records. Once a retention rule is applied to a document, Nuxeo prevents it from being edited, replaced, or deleted until the retention has expired. With Retention Management, organizations can bring content under control and into compliance, mitigating your organization’s risk and reducing storage and discovery costs.

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Compliance & Policies

Proactively comply with industry regulations and internal policies that require you to retain documents for specified periods of time.

Risk Management

Reduce your risk in the event of litigation or a security breach by permanently deleting old content.

Knowledge Sharing

Improve knowledge sharing within your organization by disposing of expired documents, ensuring that your content is current and relevant.

Cost Reduction

Reduce storage, litigation, and discovery costs by automating retention protections and by supporting less expensive archive storage options.

Ensure SEC Rule 17a-4 Compliance

SEC Rule 17a-4 specifies retention, legal hold, and accessibility requirements for organizations dealing in the trade or brokering of financial securities such as stocks, bonds, and futures. Broker-dealers must prevent any alterations or deletions of records that document these actions for their extended retention periods based on the rule.

The SEC 17a-4 US regulation specifies the usage of a secured storage media. Retention Manager, together with Amazon S3 storage in Compliance mode, meets the secure storage media requirement and enables companies to fully comply with SEC Rule 17a-4.

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