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When content is ingested, it’s not always in a format that maximizes its business value. Now, Nuxeo can power fast transformation of your information, scaling seamlessly to add value to millions — or billions — of documents.

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Powerful add-on services for the Nuxeo Platform make your content easier to find, read, and analyze.

Closed Captioning

With Nuxeo Transformation Closed Captioning, process thousands of videos in parallel: Nuxeo can automatically create caption tracks, overlay them on video, and generate searchable text and timelapse data — for thousands of videos at once.

OCR Services

For read-only documents, like scanned forms, Nuxeo Transformation OCR can create searchable PDFs with fully-mapped metadata fields, allowing teams to quickly find and highlight the information they need from forms and paper assets.

Custom Transformation

No matter what type of content you need to transform, Nuxeo Transformation Services can help you do it quickly and automatically. With large-scale transformation, make large volumes of content easier to find, manage, and push to content applications.

Powerful Transformation. Powerful Platform.

Nuxeo is on a mission to make content more valuable and easy to use. If you believe your Nuxeo use case could benefit from our existing add-on transformation services or any other type of large scale batch file conversion or processing, contact your Nuxeo representative today.

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