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Great products require a great user interface. Nuxeo’s Web UI unlocks your web platform’s full potential and delivers an engaging, fast and reliable experience. Improve user adoption by giving them what they want. With Web UI, users can quickly and intuitively access their tasks and locate the content they need.

Enhance user productivity



Web UI is based on W3C standards and universal APIs to take advantage of the latest browser innovations and put them into the hands of your users.


Customize it to your needs

Everyone is different so we built Web UI with change in mind. Configurations let you quickly tailor the interface to your needs and our standards based approach means it is easy to integrate additional Web Components into your application.

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One UI, all of your use cases

No one wants different front ends for their content, case, and DAM applications. With Web UI, you can deliver a compelling user experience for every ideal use case.

Work the way you want

View Designer

Document forms, tabs, folder views — pretty much everything is configurable through Nuxeo Studio in Web UI.

Nuxeo Studio


Make sure your users find everything they want - fast, by providing them an intelligent and customized search. Search terms are also highlighted in the context of the original text just like Google search!

Smart search


Analyze your data, your content & your user actions via personalized dashboards, so you make sure to fill content gaps & optimize underused assets.


Quick actions

The most viewed asset, the most created content types… Nuxeo’s web UI allows you to streamline the most common user interaction patterns to deliver a fantastic user experience.


Pending tasks or workflows available to your organization are always presented to the user. Get your content flowing with just a few clicks.

Content Management Workflows

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