Agence France Presse, the third largest press agency in the world, chose to build their next-generation multimedia content management infrastructure with the Nuxeo ECM Platform.

Journalists use a rich client desktop to access feeds, create multimedia news items, and compile and manage news items, before delivering content to clients.

Minimize Reaction Time & Improve the Quality of Services

The AFP project had two key objectives – to minimize reaction time and to improve the quality of services offered to customers.

Initial research indicated that traditional solutions for editorial production management were too geared towards paper copy, and did not adequately exploit the Internet’s inherent reaction speed, nor respond to the notion of continuous online updates, rather than conventional copy deadlines.

The project, which involved an upgrade of AFP’s Internet Journal system, centered around:

  • Enrichment of metadata in monomedia production
  • Improvement of multimedia production by increasing linkage between news items and better management of news sections

The system users are distributed geographically, covering all time zones.

The Nuxeo Platform-based CNG application enables journalists to compile news stories using text, photos and/or videos by simply using drag and drop. This has led to a 40% increase in productivity.
Daniel Oudet, Head of IT Engineering at AFP

An Enriched Multimedia News Service

Designed specifically for the agency’s multimedia desks, where the Internet Journal is produced, the system offers an enriched multimedia news service, based on the NewsML standard, as recommended by the International Press Telecommunications Council.

With the Nuxeo Platform as the foundation for the Internet Journal, the system enables:

  • Simple compilation of multimedia news items, integrating text drafted by journalists with photos and videos taken by on-the-scene reporters
  • Template integration with common formats, supporting the NewsML standard
  • Advanced news section management, with the possibility to subscribe, and the ability for news items to be released simultaneously across several rubrics, in a journal format specified by the client.

Nuxeo Enterprise Content Management components and services that are core to the AFP Internet Journal include: document management, workflow, indexing, archiving, composition and publication of multimedia documents.