Nuxeo DAM helped one of the top 15 global apparel companies take on the unique challenges presented by managing digital assets for an array of clothing and accessory brands worldwide.

Reduce Costs & Save Time by Eliminating DAM silos

Apparel brands depend on images—a lot of them, sourced internally and externally. Nuxeo’s global apparel customer faced high external photoshoot vendor costs, from requests for both new shoots and existing assets. The customer wanted a globally-deployable digital asset management solution that could enable self-service search, promoting re-use and distribution of current assets by ecommerce and marketing teams.

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Using Nuxeo Digital Asset Management, our customer centralized assets to eliminate over a dozen digital asset management silos, reducing request times and cost per search.

Secure your Brand

Staying on-brand visually was a major priority. Looking good, with user-friendly and accessible design, formed a core part of their corporate approach—whether for corporate marketing or for their retail partners. Before Nuxeo DAM, retail partners had to use a bare-bones file transfer service to access assets, and could potentially gain access to assets exclusive to their competitors.

With Nuxeo digital asset management product, the customer was able to create a separate branded portal for retailers to make accessing current ecommerce photography easy and trackable. Retailers see only the images they are allowed to use, and each retailer’s exclusive content can remain fully secure.

Standardize Processes

Before Nuxeo DAM, processes and workflows looked dramatically different from one marketing team to another, or even from one asset to another. Job transfers between roles in the marketing department was difficult, with training required even for internal hires to related teams.