Nuxeo Digital Asset Management simplified packaging development process and made digital assets reusable for a top global beauty company—all with a look feel, and experience configured to be as unique as their brand.

Enable Packaging Globalization & 3D Imagery

Nuxeo’s leading beauty brand customer knew its packaging could be reused globally, with some localization. But its existing project management tools couldn’t render previews for 3D packaging imagery. With no central place to access template assets, local teams worldwide weren’t sure what work had already been done, leading to rework and added expense.

Nuxeo DAM enabled all global teams to preview, access, and customize 3D packaging designs. By creating templates that componentize images and packaging design, the customer was able to achieve fast, easy international localization that minimized rework.

Automate Complex Workflows

When image is everything, image approval workflows get complicated. In our customer’s organization, some assets were approved by group votes with vetoes, while others were claimed for approval from shared pools, or needed sign-offs by VPs or the legal team. Before using our DAM solution, teams obtained approvals manually, often via group email, making miscommunications and delays common.

Using Nuxeo DAM’s robust capabilities for configurable workflows, our customer automated fully-auditable work-in-progress management in its global marketing and creative teams.

Accelerate Ecommerce Expansion

Expanding to new ecommerce channels was a key challenge for our customer’s digital strategy. Each new channel required manual processes to export existing packaging data and images.

Learn more about ecommerce merchandising best practices in our whitepaper.

Nuxeo DAM enabled our customer to easily reuse ecommerce libraries, accelerating channel expansion.