The Brazilian government needed a content management solution that helped them manage resources, processes, documentation and information. This cloud-based content management solution, based on the Nuxeo Platform, is used by public agencies in the Brazilian municipal, state and federal government.

Inefficient Interactions between Government and Citizens

The ECM Challenges

Interactions between government agencies and private organizations and citizens can be inefficient and poorly documented. Government process management often runs into issues that ultimately result in cost overruns due to poor information findability and lack of auditing and traceability, leading to inefficient results and creating a gap between expectations of private companies and citizens and the capacity of government services.

The new content management solution was developed with a focus on improving information management and interactions between public and private organizations and their stakeholders ensuring better services for citizens and customers.

Facilitate Information Management

A Cloud-Based Content Management System

The goal of the ECM is to facilitate information management by streamlining processes and integrating physical and electronic information, both legacy documentation and day-to-day processes, in order to provide more efficient management and greater control and security.

Nuxeo’s Brazilian partner, Sinax ECM, developed this hosted cloud-based solution so that public agencies do not need to have resources for administration of the application nor the necessary technical infrastructure.

The Nuxeo Platform is the underlying foundation of the solution. Key functionality was added in order to adapt the solution to the context of public agencies in Brazil.

The Nuxeo Platform is highly modular and extensible. Because of this, the Brazilian government can quickly adapt it to meet their content management needs. Sinax has plans to use Nuxeo as the platform for all of our projects that involve information and content management.

Core features of the Sinax ECM include:

  • SMS text messages over mobile phones as a communication channel between citizens and public administration. The messages are treated as information elements and trigger a workflow cycle
  • Components to decentralize capture and production workflows that are automated by barcodes
  • An Apple iPad solution for accessing Nuxeo services that allows administrators to work in real time, anywhere.
  • Intelligent screens, allowing research and data extraction with step-by-step reporting on workflows, generated documents and legacy documentation, with views of compiled information that are simple and compelling.

Results of a New ECM Application

There are two major government agencies using the new ECM:

São José dos Pinhais City Hall, Paraná, Brazil

  • City with 300,000 inhabitants - the third pole of Brazil’s automotive industries, housing automakers Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan and Renault
  • 6,000 users

Cabo de Santo Agostinho City Hall, Pernambuco, Brazil

  • City with 180,000 inhabitants - the fourth largest seaport in Brazil
  • 4,500 users

As the content management solution has been well received and clearly corresponds to an unmet need, more deployments are being planned for the short term.