The Gabriel Lippmann Public Research Center is a public institution whose missions are applied scientific research, technological development and transfer and high level continuing education. Its activities aim to strengthen the Luxembourg economy through the creation of new technological skills and the transfer of know-how to enterprises.

A Connected Document Management Solution

The Gabriel Lippmann Public Research Center wanted to provide members of its Board of Directors an extranet for access to and sharing of documents, with strict confidentiality requirements and, ultimately, data encryption.

The document management solution sought by the Gabriel Lippmann PRC had to integrate with its web applications, including its web content management solution, TYPO3, via the CMIS protocol.

Well aware of the benefits of open source software, the Gabriel Lippmann PRC shortlisted document management solutions from Alfresco and Nuxeo. Nuxeo Document Management was chosen for its ease of installation, use, and integration, and because of its high marks for performance.

A Real World Test before Production

After a technical benchmark, the Nuxeo solution was made ​available to users of the Board to assess the ease of use and to generate buy-in for the software choice. They were able to use the tool before final validation from the CIO.

The extranet application was put in production in late March 2011, after an integration in less than a month and a half by a team of two people.
All of the Boardʼs office documents are now managed in Nuxeo and accessible from the Extranet, via TYPO3.

In terms of both functional and technical requirements, the Nuxeo technology meets and exceeds the expectations of the IT team at the Gabriel Lippmann PRC.

For us, Nuxeo is more than just a simple application – it is an engine that integrates with our information systems, providing document management functionality across multiple web applications.
Christian Anèse, CIO

New Features on the Way

To meet the specific requirements of the Gabriel Lippmann PRC, Nuxeo will develop a feature to encrypt documents, in order to enhance the confidentiality of the solution. Similarly, the feature enabling document search through CMIS is being improved in order to scale the document management solution for wider use.

Next Steps

The Gabriel Lippmann PRC has plans to use the workflow engine in the Nuxeo Platform in the near future.

There are also plans to use Nuxeo as the document management solution for all documents at Gabriel Lippmann PRC, opening it to all employees. Eventually, the Nuxeo DM solution will be opened to external partners as well.