A Complex Document Management Solution

When Julien Alexandre became involved with the portal project, there were no longer any document management tools in use.

The previous open source document sharing system had crashed a few months beforehand. Its complexity had deterred users even before the system failure, and they had reverted to using a shared network directory. Julien needed to quickly put in place a new solution.

This shared directory was replaced by AIR, a content management application based on the Nuxeo Content Services Platform and configured with Nuxeo Studio. Hundreds of users connect to it daily to deposit or retrieve the latest version of their documents.

AIR provides an answer to a very simple question: where is the latest version of this document? Julien has not heard this question once since the deployment of AIR.

Document Search & Configuration

Before choosing the Nuxeo Platform, several solutions were proposed, including Alfresco and Sharepoint. Nuxeo was finally chosen, primarily because it was easy to download, install and test. The simple, uncluttered user interface also inspired confidence and trust.

The search capabilities coupled with the configuration options offered by Nuxeo Studio made the choice very clear. In fact, all of the configuration was done using Nuxeo Studio. Its ease of use was a real plus.

Another important factor was the availability of the people at Nuxeo. It was easy to get answers to questions in the early stages of the project by placing them on the community site answers.nuxeo.com. Seeing an active community reinforced the technology choice for ERDF. This site is proved very helpful whenever a change outside the scope of Nuxeo Studio was necessary.

Where is the latest version of this document? I have not heard that question a single time since the deployment of AIR.
Julien Alexandre, Engineer, ERDF

The configuration needed to be simple and uncluttered, with a limited set of metadata (project version, division, nature of the document, and customer segment) to facilitate the entry of new documents. The standard navigation (for coverage by subjects) and search forms were adapted to reflect this choice.

In the end, the solution was configured by a single person, using only Nuxeo Studio, drastically reducing development costs. User training was not required, but a detailed user guide was provided.

The deployment of the solution was carried out iteratively, and users gradually got into the habit of using the tool.

Better User Experience

The most important win for Julien Alexandre was user satisfaction. The solution was fully adopted by the users, despite a generally negative experience with document management systems in the past.

More Innovation to Come

For now, the tool is used by about a hundred people every day. It has already enabled the production of new versions of the portal fully supported by AIR.

And the tool will be used more and more, because new users, with no knowledge of the previous document management tools and their poor user experience are more motivated to use AIR. Although Nuxeo is not a corporate solution, it is already used by a technical team in Lyon and is currently under study in other departments at ERDF.