FDM Services started out as a company specializing in the archiving of physical documents, which over the years gradually transformed into offering more and more digital-based services related to document management. Today approximately 90% of FDM services are based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with the solution platforms installed at FDM’s own data centers and accessed via the web.

FDM prides itself in keeping up with advances in digital enterprise content management and makes sure that its offerings are based on the latest technology.

FDM’s customer base is primarily banks and insurance companies, with other brand name Italian and Global customers from a variety of industry sectors. They help insurance companies with their content management.

Challenge: Multi-Channel Communications

At first thought, managing mail would seem to be a simple task, receive it, log-it, and pass it on to the recipient. But today’s multi-channel communications complicates matters with having to manage not only physical mail but digital communications too.

The problem is multi-faceted and gets exponentially more complex for large distributed, and multinational, organizations where customer and business mail needs to be routed to different functional areas and departments for action and response. Often a correspondence is misrouted, forgotten about, or lost. Tracking of correspondence is key to a smooth-running operation and the ability to deliver good customer experience, but it is often overlooked.

Solution: Virtual Mail Room

The Virtual Mail Room is currently implemented at more than a dozen large financial institutions, and as described above is designed to provide reliable document management and tracking process for handling mail across a large organization. Both paper and e-mail (e-mail) can be managed through the same process that allows companies to standardize the distribution procedures of internal mail, in accordance with company policies.

The FDM services include the following for handling inbound mail:

  • Barcode application to paper mail and attachments;
  • Digitalization of paper documents and uploading to the document system;
  • Receiving electronic documents;
  • Physical storage of paper documents;
  • Digital archiving of electronic documents.

For outgoing documents the service provides for:

  • Personalized Document composition via the use of metadata;
  • Multichannel delivery of documents including;
    • Paper
    • E-mail out
    • Electronic invoice sending
    • Publishing portals
  • Monitoring and Tracking of shipments.

The services offered allow an automatic and controlled mail flow, which is sorted on the appropriate paper or digital channel based on the customer’s needs. The workflow is also subjected to monitoring and tracking processes – from taking charge to delivery to the recipient, through complete and homogeneous management of the entire processing flow.

Why Nuxeo

FDM chose to transition from its existing Content Management platform to Nuxeo as the underlying technology for its Virtual Mail Room for three main reasons. The platform provided:

  1. A true enterprise-capable platform that could scale to meet the needs of large distributed and multinational customers.
  2. An ability to build complex customizations and configurations on top of a stable platform.
  3. A modern content services architecture of micro-services and strong API support.

Transitioning to Nuxeo allowed FDM to deliver the Virtual Mail Room at the scale, level of configuration, and speed demanded by their customers. Nuxeo’s flexibility and low-code approach allowed FDM to develop integrations faster and with more functionality than before.

As a result, FDM was able to gain a competitive advantage by using Nuxeo as the foundation to get the best from both its own technology and related technologies already in use by its customer. Disruption to the customers was minimized while at the same time delivering more efficient and value-driven processes that improved the overall customer experience. A win for Nuxeo, a win, for FDM, a win for the Virtual Mail Room users, and a win for the financial services end customers too.