Nuxeo recently helped a leading food brand implement a digital asset management solution to solve key challenges in asset creation, deployment, and reuse.

Connect DAM and PIM Systems to Support Ecommerce

Before Nuxeo Digital Asset Management was implemented, manual processes dominated our food industry customer: for example, an different team member was assigned to create brand copy for each channel. With no central source of truth, salespeople and retailers obtained brand images and product information from Google — without knowing whether those images were current.

Nuxeo DAM connected our customer’s image libraries and PIM system, enabling an automated daily rollout of changes to product labeling, ingredients, and imagery across all ecommerce channels. Retailers and sales staff can now access a branded image portal for current, approved images.

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Improve Photo Lifecycle Management

Nuxeo’s customer used external vendors for most photoshoots, and wanted to maintain longstanding relationships with these vendors. However, searches for existing imagery to reuse were handled through these external vendors, and every search cost money—the brand images were “held hostage” by agencies with access to them. These requests generally followed a manual process. Emails (sometimes including attachments of asset PDFs or spreadsheets with product information) were difficult to search, and responses could be delayed.

Using Nuxeo DAM, product and brand images are now available in a central repository, enabling self-service reuse of assets and elimination of external vendor search requests.

Automate Your Workflows

With complex creative content management workflows requiring legal review, Nuxeo’s customer needed flexible annotation to let creatives comment with different markup stamps for different groups, while allowing legal compliance teams to see only the annotations from other legal reviewers.

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